Cleaning Tips

How do I remove stains?

Deodorant Stain Removal

To remove deodorant stains from clothing rub area with white vinegar. Wash with detergent in the hottest water safe for that fabric. 

General cleaning advice

Spring cleaning is something people should consider and regularly do. Taking care of dust and dirt build-up is important not only for the premises' appearance, but is valuable for preventing any bacteria or allergens from spreading around the place. 

Ancient cleaning techniques

Getting gum on your jeans/pants usually seems like an enormous disaster; however, there is an easy and effective way to remove it. You just need an iron and a page of a newspaper. Place the paper over the gum spot; heat the iron properly; place the iron on the newspaper, making sure the gum stain is beneath it; take the iron and paper off the spot and make sure all the gum is gone. If not, treat it again. This technique is harmless for your clothes. Just keep in mind the fact that if you leave the iron on the paper for more than 10 seconds it will burn through it and probably damage both your appliance and clothing. 

When moving out

When moving out of a property you have been renting, letting agencies would usually ask you to make sure the premises are cleaned up. And they are very picky about it. If you don't want to do the whole cleaning again and again, you need to ensure that the following house/flat areas are cleaned carefully and thoroughly: oven, refrigerator, washing machine door, window frames, door tops, light switches, radiators' wall side, wash-basin, front door, kitchen tiles and especially the entire bathroom. If you clean those in detail and perform a deep cleaning on the rest of the house you should have no troubles moving out for good! Good luck! 

Removing grease stains

If by any chance you get a grease stain on your clothes (from food or drink) there is a very old, but efficient technique for removing it. Make sure you act quickly after getting the stain as it becomes harder to remove with every second it is left to sink-in. Once you have located the stain, sprinkle (half a spoon) of salt all over it and leave it there for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, you need to immediately wash the clothes as the salt only deals with the grease bits of the stain. 

When cleaning after builders

Upon restoration or any other building works that have been carried out on your premises, make sure that any cleaning you are planning takes place once the builders have completely finished their job. That is important because if treating with water or any liquid-based detergents, dust build-up from the building materials or construction works, could turn into muddy stains that could sink-in permanently if not treated properly or on time. By carrying out after builders cleaning once the premises are builders-free could save you time and money! 

In case of emergency

In case of any fire or flood damage in your house make sure the water/ashes build-up is dealt quickly and efficiently with, by a specialist. Do not attempt to treat the damaged areas yourself, as chances are you will get hurt or leave permanent marks/tracks on the furniture/carpet/wall/appliances. Always ask for advice on methods of treatment and appropriate detergents. 

Stain removal advice

Never attempt to remove stains, which origin you are not aware of. Inappropriate treatment could lead to permanent carpet damage. Please, make sure whoever cleans your rugs or carpets uses the right equipment and detergents. 

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