Professional General Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Residental Cleaning in Berkshire Area

Titan Cleaners’ residential cleaning and general cleaning service is the guaranteed way to a clean home. Our cleaning service offers high-quality and professional treatment with 100 % satisfactory outcome for the customer.

Titan Cleaners will be your best choice when looking for a professional cleaning company providing affordable and efficient services.

At a short notice you will receive a high class service and an outstanding result.
Having years of experience, highly motivated and professional staff, knowledge and passion for the smallest detail, we know what you need and we know the standards.
We will clean your property thoroughly giving attention to each detail from the ceiling to the floor.

Residential cleaning services include:

Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain or mattress cleaning can be booked separately

Emergency Cleaning Service
Low Cleaning Prices
Carpet Cleaning Before and After

Do not hesitate to contact Titan Cleaners when cleaning is needed!

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Give us a call on 01183150069 or use our online booking form to explain your cleaning issue.

Happy Clients for Domestic Cleaning

"Very kind and professional-looking team. Thanks a lot!"

K. Peterson

We do Domestic Cleaning in the following Areas

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Kangaroo Junk Removals
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Domestic Cleaning Tips

If by any chance you get a grease stain on your clothes (from food or drink) there is a very old, but efficient technique for removing it. Make sure you act quickly after getting the stain as it becomes harder to remove with every second it is left to...

Getting gum on your jeans/pants usually seems like an enormous disaster; however, there is an easy and effective way to remove it. You just need an iron and a page of a newspaper. Place the paper over the gum spot; heat the iron properly; place the...

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