Fire cleaning and fire restoration in Berkshire Area

Fire damage is very complex because of the unpredictable behavior of the smoke. It is important to have well-trained fire damage and restoration specialists at the fire damage location. Our professional and fully equipped cleanup operators examine the fire or smoke damage area and test the smoke to see which of the following types of fire took place.
Wet Smoke Damage - This is usually low heat, smoldering and has a pungent odor.
Dry Smoke Damage - Results due to fast burning Fire at high temperatures.
Protein Damage - This is virtually invisible and discolors paints and varnishes. This kind of fire damage has extreme pungent odor.

A sympathetic approach combined with the correct cleaning agents and machinery contributes to a service that can mitigate the potential long term damage to the property.

Once we determine the type of smoke damage, we evaluate the following:

  • What can be restored versus what can be replaced due to fire and smoke damage
  • The most effective fire & smoke cleaning method
  • Conditions to the property before the fire damage occurred
  • The full extent of the fire and smoke damage and loss
  • Provide consultation to eliminate needless replacements

Flood cleaning and flood restoration

Flood water can leave damage, cause molds and be a source of many diseases in your property.

Whether sewage, damaged property, furniture removal or general debris and dirt, our operators have the experience to deal with your problem to the highest standards with the best possible outcome.

Titan Cleaners emergency team resolves your problem, including draining flood water from buildings, cleaning and sanitizing properties, drying properties out. Once the site is clean, we move on the drying process. We carry out a variety of tests before certifying that the site is dry and ready to be used again.
Titan Cleaners is insured and experienced company that undertakes both private and commercial jobs.

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Happy Clients for Fire and Flood Cleaning

"My place was a mess. I thought they would charge me a lot, but Titan Cleaners cut me a great deal. I will surely see you again guys."

P. Howard 



"Thanks a lot for the quick response and indeed you did a wonderful job!"

W. Cohen

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Fire and Flood Cleaning Tips

In case of any fire or flood damage in your house make sure the water/ashes build-up is dealt quickly and efficiently with, by a specialist. Do not attempt to treat the damaged areas yourself, as chances are you will get hurt or leave permanent marks/...

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