Contract Cleaning

Titan Cleaners has years of experience in the commercial and contract cleaning, and we have provided detailed training to all of our operatives so we can meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We have implemented various procedures and policies which allow us to deliver high-quality service and ultimate customer satisfaction.

We will provide tailored descriptions of specifications and processes for each project and here you can get an idea of what to expect from us.

Organisational structure

We will provide a breakdown of our organisational structure including management and operatives involved in the project.

Service provision

  Pre-start preparation

Before commencing work, Titan Cleaners will appoint a Project Manager who will create a detailed plan for the provision of the service. The plan will include the number of people involved, service description, standards and procedures, labour hours, and tools and equipment we would utilise.

Our project manager will ensure that a thorough Risk Assessment is carried out before commencing work on site. They will provide detailed Method Statements to all operatives, so that the service is delivered up to the agreed standard and specification.

  Specification and standards

This section will include a detailed list of all services to be delivered under the contract. It will also specify the intervals, timeline, and the access hours for the site. Additionally, here we would describe the standards of work agreed with the client.

  Resources and equipment

For each project Titan Cleaners will provide all the tools and equipment necessary for the service to be delivered unless otherwise agreed with the client.

  Additional requests

We would always aim to accommodate requests for additional work so that the standards of our client are met and maintained.

Management and quality standards

   Staff structure

Titan Cleaners will not only provide a number of people involved in the project, but we will also inform our clients about the duties and responsibilities of our employees. For instance, our project manager will liaise with the client to inquire about satisfaction levels, potential improvements or changes to the procedures in place. Our supervisors will be on field to ensure that our operatives deliver the service in a consistent manner, and their work is in line with our method statements and agreed standards.

   Emergencies and changes to schedule

As a company with long experience in the industry, we know that weather emergencies or employee absenteeism are inevitable. We would describe our effort for minimising the impact of such events and how we would communicate these with our client.

   Quality standards

Here we would be completely transparent, and we would describe our policies and procedures for ensuring we deliver a high-quality service at all times. These would include:

·   Selection criteria (both for employees and suppliers)

·   Training and remuneration

·   Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

·   Complaints procedure

Communication and business continuity

We will provide contact information of key people involved in the project and we will train them to deal in different situations and handle various inquiries.

To identify the potential challenges and risks in our operations, we have established a thorough Business Continuity Plan. For each event that we have considered to be a risk to our operations, our senior managers and directors have proposed a set of procedures, which would enable us to promptly react, minimise, and potentially avoid any impact on our business, on our clients and suppliers.

Social value

Our company is committed to adding social value throughout all contracts with individual, commercial, and public clients. We share our policies and plans with our clients, and we expect cooperation and coordination, so that we can make a difference and achieve progress in the following aspects:

·       Sustainability and Environment

·       Community and Marketplace·       Charities, Initiatives and Volunteering