Schools & Public Venues

Schools & Public Venues

We will go through the specification, we will prepare detailed RAMS, and we will ensure that all employees are trained and instructed so that the service is delivered according to the requirements and standards of our client.

Note that all our employees have valid DBS checks. Furthermore, operatives who work in schools always receive additional training for working with children and vulnerable adults.

Titan Cleaners will agree labour hours, operative numbers, and cleaning intervals both for term-time and for holidays. This will help us not only organise our regular cleaning but also our deep cleaning, which would potentially require additional effort and operatives.

Our plan and procedures will ensure that the people on site are part of an environment in which they can play, study, and prosper.

We provide thorough cleaning service for schools including but not limited to:

·   Cleaning all surfaces in communal areas including corridors, toilets, lobby etc. with appropriate solution

·   Vacuuming and mopping floors

·   Disinfecting frequently touched points

·   Cleaning and polishing hardware in IT rooms

·   Cleaning in classrooms including desks, chairs, windows, cupboards, bookshelves etc.

·   Arranging and cleaning changing rooms

Additional services include:

·   Professional carpet cleaning

·   External window cleaning

·   Façade and cladding cleaning

·   Hard floor treatment

Get in touch if you have any queries or if you would like us to organise a site visit and provide you with a formal proposal.

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