Window Cleaning

External window cleaning:

·  Professional equipment and products used in order to leave your windows crystal clear, grime, and streak free

·  Our technology allows us to clean at height with no ladder, additional equipment or resources required

·  The mobile system used in this type of cleaning ensures the safety of operatives, clients, and random pedestrians

·  Another reason for choosing this particular technology is the fact that it allows our team to perform the tasks completely independently, with no water supply required from our clients

·  The pure water used in the process ensures that your windows will have no limescale spots after the job is done (which often happens with the popular soap and sponge cleaning method)


Gutter cleaning

Getting your gutters cleaned has many benefits to you and your property not only in terms of safety but also in terms of cost. Our gutter cleaning service will not only increase the lifespan of your gutters, but it will also protect your property from water damage and building up of nest places for rats, mice, and insects, which are very often responsible for the transmission of viruses.

Our gutter cleaning service includes:

·  Professional vacuum and gutter cleaning equipment which ensure that no leaves, moss, or debris are stuck in your gutters

·  High-end survey cameras which help us spot any residual debris or leaves

·  A thorough flushing of gutters with garden hose and other tools

·  Mobile technology that requires no scaffolding equipment. This is crucial for the safety of our operatives and your property

·  Final testing which ensures that water will flow unimpeded·  Clearance of any residual leaves and debris around your gutters and property