Why Is Regular Cleaning of Your Home Important?
November 26, 2020

Getting your home cleaned regularly has numerous benefits for you and your family. It not only helps you be healthier, but also more organised, productive, and happier. Furthermore, do you remember the last time when your family or friends came over unexpectedly? The need for apologising for the state of your home does not really make you feel well. A clean house significantly improves the quality of the furniture, appliances, and the air you are breathing and here we would like to share some of the reasons why is it so important to take a proper care of your home.

1.Bacteria and Viruses

In order to protect yourself and your family from getting sick, it requires effort not only in the gym or in the park, but also at your home. A simple disinfectant cleaning significantly reduces the chances of suffering from a common flu or virus. Yes, that is right, wiping the furniture, appliances, and the floor would substantially protect the most vulnerable and immune-weak ones by killing up to 99% of the germs in the house. Even more, when a family member is unwell, it is crucial to disinfect commonly touched surfaces where bacteria, germs, and viruses could stay for more than 24 hours, jeopardising the health of others.

2. Dust and Air Quality

Dust is another common enemy, which undoubtedly worsens the quality of the air we breathe. Regular vacuum cleaning is essential for getting rid of the build up dust in your hard wood or carpet covered floor. It is also crucial to take care of the upholstery and sofas, where dust is hardly reachable, because that would drastically protect people with allergies and breathing problems.

3. Good Condition of Appliances and Furniture

Save yourself money, when you are taking a proper care of the appliances and furniture at home. In general, once there is a build-up of grease, grime, or limescale it is unpleasant, difficult, and tiring to remove it. If you leave it for a longer period of time, it gets tougher and tougher, significantly damaging the material it has stuck on. At some point it gets impossible to remove it, completely. That is when usually people realise how much they could have saved themselves if they had put the efforts on time.

4. Productivity

Recently, our home has become not only the place where we live, eat, and sleep, but also the place where we work and earn money. Research shows that those who work in a fresh, clean, and tidy environment are much more productive. Probably, there is a reason why. If you spend half an hour looking for the notebook or those headphones that you have thrown somewhere last night, first of all you reduce your time for the important things and secondly, it makes you feel nervous and angry. Furthermore, if your working space is not neat and organised you get easily distracted by all those small things piled up around you. A weekly brush up and rearrangement will save you from the unpleasant, time-consuming, and frustrating moments that are bound to follow.

5. Unexpected Family Members or Friends

We have all been in a situation where a close family member or a friend comes over and we have to apologise for the disarray in our home. A weekly cleaning would not take much of your time, but it will save you those unpleasant and shameful situations that you would otherwise fall into. If you keep your house clean and organised you will always be ready for a company and a few rounds of drinks.

Many people would say that cleaning is not their favourite task, but we saw how rewarding it could be not only for our health but also for our happiness, wallet, and a piece of mind.

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