PEST Fumigation

Who can benefit from this service?

Estate Agents and Property Managers



Why do you need a professional company? 

Many people would intuitively argue that removing pests from your home or premises is a simple and easy job. However, after trying to remove them by using various chemicals and methods, most of them decide to hire a professional pest control company. This is because removing pests effectively is easier said than done. Moreover, any unwanted nuisance organisms can damage your home or harm your family if they are around for long so it is crucial to find a professional that can expertly resolve the issue..

Why do you need Titan Cleaners?


Although PEST control is not one of our main areas of expertise, we offer some nice package deals for our property management contracts. We also possess PEST fumigation equipment and are trained to use products for fumigation and killing fabric-loving insects such as killing carpet beetles, moths, bed bugs or even fleas.

Give us a call today if your home has been infested by any insects. Our experienced technicians will tackle the problem or advise on your best options.