DOFF Steam Cleaning

Who can benefit from this service?

Historical & Heritage Buildings

Stone Buildings

Monuments & Statues

Churches and Memorial Monuments

Why do you need a professional company? 

The superheated steam cleaning is a process that heats water up to 150 degrees and the steam is applied to the exterior of the building to treat and remove many forms of organic growth including fungi, algae, moss, and bacteria. In addition, the doff system can be used to effectively eliminate any paint, graffiti or other coatings as well as oil and fuel spillages.

The system is highly recommended for treating and restoring stone substrates because of three reasons. Firstly, compared to jet washing which involves high pressure, here steam is applied through low pressure, which significantly diminishes the risk from damage. Secondly, the high water temperature can effectively remove organic matter and paint in most cases, which eliminates the use of chemicals. And finally, the superheated systems is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods, as it requires low energy consumption and it involves solely water usage, without any chemicals.

What surfaces can be cleaned using the DOFF/ThermaTech?

Stone, Bath Stone, Limestone, Stone blocks

Masonry , Brick

Metal work



Why do you need Titan Cleaners?


The Royal Institute of British Architects and Historic England approve DOFF Steam Cleaning and the National Trust and English Heritage recommend it for safely restoring historic, heritage and older buildings, structure and façades due to its low-pressure non-abrasive approach.

Titan Cleaners is trained and approved in both DOFF and Thermatech superheated steam cleaning systems.


We have completed several large projects and many small jobs where these systems are the most applicable ones and we have the experience to handle industrial machinery. Our health and safety procedures allow us to minimise risks such as spillages or damages ensuring the preservation of your heritage structure or surface.

DOFF Steam Cleaning Manual

ThermaTech Steam Cleaning Manual