Who can benefit from this service?

Homeowners looking to maintain their valuable asset

Families with too many household chores on their head!

Professionals with busy work schedules

Why do you need a professional company? 

We have all done it – you put off cleaning due to various reasons time after time just to end up in a situation where you look around one day and say to yourself “How did I ever get here!” Well, it might not be so extreme with everyone, but the point is that cleaning is a necessity for your home and needs to be done periodically. Spring cleans can be done less frequently than regular cleaning but with more allocated time and going into more detail. It is also good to have it once or twice a year even along regular cleaning as it allows the pros to cover anything that might not be otherwise included in their regular tasks.

Why do you need Titan Cleaners?


Are you looking for a big spring clean? You have come to the right place!

Having completed thousands of cleaning jobs through Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, Ascot we can assure that Titan Cleaners will be your best choice when looking for a professional cleaning company. Our service is reliable, professional, and affordable.

At a short notice you will receive a high class service and an outstanding result.
Our spring cleaning service offers a complete package of cleaning treatment to your house, office or any other facility on seasonal basis (or on demand).

We will professionally clean your home from top to bottom, inside-out, moving all movable furniture in the process. For your convenience it is also possible to have your windows, carpets, and soft furnishings professionally steam-cleaned as an extra service.

Our cleaning teams are well-trained and supervised. We ensure a high standard of work with attention to details and that the utmost care is taken at all times.

We offer an excellent one-off or contractual Spring Cleaning Service: with a professional deep clean of your entrance area, kitchen, living room(s), bedrooms & bathroom(s), which will make your home sparkle and improve the atmosphere within it.