Paint/Graffiti Strip & Blast Cleaning

Who can benefit from this service?

Councils, Street Care Departments

Monumental Parks, Car Parks

Property and Estate Managers

Construction Companies

Why do you need a professional company? 

Vandalism is a great problem in urban areas and graffiti is a way to look for recognition and fame. Hip hop taggers are responsible for approximately 90% of the graffiti, while graffiti from gang members account for 10% of the total. This comes at a great public cost, not only financial, but also psychic. While councils are responsible for enforcing laws against vandalism, residents have to pay the cost for removing the graffiti from their property.
Study shows that the sooner graffiti is removed, the lower the resurgence rate.

If removed within 48 hours, there is only a 15% probability that the property will be marked again, but if graffiti is removed within 7 days, the resurgence rate jumps to 50%.
Should you leave it for more than 2 weeks, it is highly likely you would find more graffiti around.

These marks not only deface your property but also the appearance of your neighbourhood becomes less attractive.

The sooner you attempt to clean it, the more likely it will be removed!

Why do you need Titan Cleaners?


Titan Cleaners has mobile responsive teams that can tackle a graffiti situation timely and cost effectively. Our van-mounted systems allow for complete independence from site facilities hence the graffiti treatment will be possible in any given instance.

Our technology is quick and although it effectively removes the graffiti paint it is not corrosive or deteriorating to the surface cleaned.

Our system also allows us to strip paint and other coatings hence if you are a construction company in need of paint stripping or anyone else how might need this service to make their project possible, Titan Cleaners will be at your services!

As a very natural addition to the above, we have also added blast cleaning or sandblasting. It is a process of bombarding a surface with either sand, grit or shot. Normally the procedure is carried out to efficiently remove rust, scale, paint and other stuck build up. Some of the surfaces where blasting could be applied include stones, brick, masonry, and even iron and steel. The blasting is carried out only by trained and qualified operatives to ensure that the correct abrasive materials are used to treat different surfaces. There is various equipment available to be used in the process, so that dust is vacuumed and the health of operatives and people around is protected.