Regular/Subscription Cleaning

Who can benefit from this service?

Families and busy professionals who struggle with stying on top of their cleaning routine on top of many other chores

Residents in any kind of property who want to enjoy a nice and clean environment at home

Shared accommodation professional landlords & tenants

Why do you need a professional company? 

Cleaning may not seem like a very technical or difficult task at first but in order to achieve a required standard within the confines of a busy daily schedule people often struggle. For an untrained individual a spring cleans will often take up more time than initially planned and will lead to repeated delaying, doing it in parts and essentially not getting a complete satisfactory result in one go. A professional service will offload the headache of having to fit this in around your many other routine chores and ensure you can then enjoy a clean and fresh environment that will boost your comfort and well-being.

Why do you need Titan Cleaners?


With now 4 teams (and growing) covering Reading and the surrounding areas, we are well-positioned to take on new regular customers. With a dedicated team of two experienced and DBS-checked cleaners, you will be in safe hands and met with care and a can-do attitude. We provide all necessary materials (COSHH sheets available for each product) and equipment (PAT tested annually). We put our customers’ needs first and also have an Eco-friendly option for everyone that doesn’t enjoy the use of chemicals and harsher products. Our general practice is to rely on the latter option as the results are overall much more satisfactory but we welcome any particular requests and use of preferred products.


As we understand everyone has different needs and priorities, upon your interest, we will visit your property for a tailored quote and schedule proposition or provide you an hourly rate over the phone. We can accommodate a fixed-schedule approach where you will be allocated a team that visits your home at the same day of the week and time so you will get to establish a very personal relationship with the people that spend most time at your home besides you or your family. You will not feel the need to constantly have to give instructions and wait for various teams to adjust to what is expected of them.

We have a streamlined process of conducting the service, source our materials and equipment and organise schedules and of our used cloths go in our “dirty laundry bag” so no one else’s germs will touch your property and we work with a launderette where all these get industrially washed and dried so they are 100% fresh for our next round. We have a constant personal customer support as we value our customers’ feedback and we’ll be there to listen and react accordingly.

COVID-19 Responsible Business Conduct!
We use black nitrile gloves for maximum protection and hygiene and given the sensitive times, we follow all necessary COVID-19 prevention measures incl. masks, social distancing and PCR testing in the event of symptoms. We follow a strict procedure of making our customers aware if the cleaners have tested positive or been in contact with someone who has tested positive so you can always feel comfortable with us being in your home!