Carpet Beetle Treatment and Prevention
December 10, 2020
Even though there are many types of bugs that may invade your home including moths, termites, and ants, the carpet beetle is one of the most serious ones and it requires a proper treatment. Carpet beetles are usually found outdoors but they may enter your home through windows, doors, and other holes. They are often attracted to more remote houses, but urban properties are endangered as well. In this article we would like to share how carpet beetles could be identified, what treatment is appropriate, and how to prevent your home from carpet beetles’ invasion.


Carpet beetles come from outdoors, they are attracted to pollen, and seek fabrics to feed their larvae. The larvae are extremely small (8mm), they are very light sensitive and that is why they are commonly found in closets, drawers, and other enclosed spaces. On the other hand, the carpet beetle adults are even smaller (5mm), they are attracted to light and they might be found near windows and doors. These little insects may significantly damage your clothes, beddings, and carpets, as they would make holes in every type of fabric. Moreover, carpet beetles may cause serious allergies and skin irritation.


It is generally recommended to start with a thorough and deep vacuum cleaning over carpets, drawers, closets, and other furniture. Secondly, you would like to wash clothes and beddings with detergent on high temperature, so that you get rid of traces and kill any adult beetles and larvae left inside. The next step before you start the proper treatment is to deep clean shelves, tables, window sills, and other surfaces. When it comes to the treatment itself you have a few options:
  • Use an insecticide to spray over the edge of carpeting, drawers, closets, and other surfaces where you have noticed carpet beetles’ activity.
  • Professional fogging service- the operatives will use ULV/Fogging machine which allows disinfectant and insecticide spray to be spread over the room via a unique technology, which generates micro-droplets. This service ensures that the active ingredients are diffused across the area even in places, which are difficult to reach with a conventional cleaning procedure. The materials used will effectively penetrate in the carpets and other fabrics and they will kill the larvae and the adults. Please note that it is recommended for this service to be carried across the whole property as the larvae eggs could be anywhere in the house and they could be subsequently transferred to the treated areas, which would allow to issue to re-emerge.
  • As a more major treatment you can call-out a PEST control company for a gas fumigation. Exposure to the fumes will be deadly for any form of insects and is generally better for insects living in hiding such as the beetle larvae. However, the process is much more complicated involving you moving away from the property for potentially a few days until the procedure is completed due to the hazards involved.
After you have finished with the treatment you would want to make sure that you carpet is professionally cleaned (using a professional carpet steam cleaning machine) in order to make sure you have extracted any stains, dead larvae, and adults leftover. This step is crucial in preventing any future infestation.


It is highly recommended that you regularly vacuum the property after the treatment is done. Moreover, seal and fill in any holes near windows and doors, as carpet beetles could enter your house through them. It is also important to note that if you live in the countryside, carpet beetles are a common enemy as people often leave their windows opened and these insects are widely spread in green lands and forests. Please note that in order to effectively tackle the issue and protect your home, it is generally advisable to perform the treatment a second time (2-4 weeks after the first procedure is carried out). To conclude, carpet beetles are a major threat for every home. They may not only cause serious allergies and skin irritation, but they might damage your entire property leaving all sorts of fabrics including clothes, beddings, carpets, and rugs with holes. If your home is infested with carpet beetles, we recommend that you book your professional fogging and carpet cleaning service now! It will save you not only a headache in the near future but also time, efforts, and money.


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