Why You Need Expert End of Tenancy Cleaning When Moving Out
November 27, 2020

The moving out process could be one which is not only exhausting, but also stressful and troublesome. Instead of focusing on the excitement from the new property you are about to move in, you have to deal with luggage, transportation, and cleaning on top. In this article, we would like to share with you, why is it so important to hire an expert in the end of tenancy cleaning and what are the benefits for you and your family.

1. Save yourself time and money

When moving out of a property you need to ensure that the property is thoroughly and deep cleaned. We would like to stress on the word DEEP because most of us have been regularly cleaning our property and we know how to wipe the dust from surfaces, cabinets, and doors but only few had cleaned their fridge, extractor fan, and oven, properly. If you want to make sure that you would not have to come back to the property after you have done the cleaning by yourself, you have to be very picky, peculiar, and focused on the details when doing it. Because letting agencies are very critical about it and when doing their inspection, if they find anything that is not done up to the standard, they would immediately call you to come back and finish what you started, or they would call a professional cleaning company to finish the job, at your expense. So, if you want to save time, money, and stressful situations from the very beginning it is in your interest to hire a professional to do the job while you focus on the more important things.


2. Standards


Some people are probably wondering why letting agents are so particular about the cleaning. Many would argue that they simply want to charge people as much as they can, others would say that agents enjoy giving hard time to tenants. We can assure you that none of those claims are well-grounded, especially when it comes to cleaning. The simple reason for their pickiness is the standards in the industry. Think about the moment when you have just moved in your new property, after many stressful situations around your luggage, transportation, and new neighbourhood. You just went to the new supermarket around the corner to load your fridge and the moment you open it, a terrible odour comes out of it, making it hard to leave it open, what is left to use it every day. In order to avoid these obnoxious and stressful situations for the new tenants, the responsible authorities have implemented a set of standards. So, next time you are moving out of a property, think about the state you would like to find your new one in.

3. Tricky parts

It is not until you start cleaning your property thoroughly and deeply, when you realise that some things are easier said than done. As mentioned earlier, most people spend a few hours a week to maintain their property neat and organised, but only few do a proper deep cleaning. The most difficult parts to do up to a standard is your kitchen and bathroom. The cabinets may be easy to wipe, but the fridge, oven, and the extractor fan need not only special professional products, but also know how and certain techniques in order to make them like new (remove grease, grime, and stains entirely). In the bathroom, the complexity will depend mostly on the build up level of limescale and the time it has not been cleaned. The time and efforts needed here are determined not only by the products, but also by the experience and expertise of the operative.

To sum up, if you want to save time, money, and stressful situations around the moving out process, your best decision would be to hire an expert end of tenancy company. Titan Cleaners has not only more than 15 years of experience in End of Tenancy cleaning, but it also has the highly trained and vetted professionals to make your place bright and sparkling again. Furthermore, with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and specifically created agency reports for our end of tenancy service, you are bound to have completely hassle-free moving out.


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